Digital insurance solutions for the digital age

In today’s digital world we are becoming increasingly more connected via corporate and home networks as well as our smart devices. Both enterprises and individuals face an ever increasing cyber threat landscape. Never before has data and IT security been so important as we try to mitigate the very real risk of having our information and network security compromised.

Our suite of Cyber Risks Insurance solutions are streamlined and offer wide-ranging cover, designed to work alongside traditional insurances to protect businesses and individuals against the cyber risks they face from day to day. These solutions provide financial reimbursement and also packed with value added benefits as well as expert incident management response to react quickly when an event occurs.


Buy online in less than three minutes and protect your business and its reputation from Cyberattacks and data breaches.

Drone DataCare

Buy online in less than three minutes and protect your commercial drone business and its data from a Cyber event


Aimed at mid-market to corporate clients. Our comprehensive CyberSelect policy has 16 policy benefits.


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