Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed for businesses and individuals who provide professional advice/services to their clients. It protects people who give such advice from claims for damages and the legal defence costs that may arise from an act, omission or breach of duty in the course of their business.

Professional Indemnity

Our comprehensive wording is written in a “civil liability” basis mean any dispute taken (or threatened to be taken) in a civil court arising from providing your service (for a fee) will trigger the policy (subject to the standard policy terms and conditions).

Architects & Engineers

Professions involved in the area of the construction trades face their own unique exposures, from project management and other “on site” activities through to the unique specialisms of the various engineering occupations.


The financial services profession has been subject to legislative change and certain areas (such as banking and financial advice) have also had specific attention in government investigations. Whilst at Agile we understand whilst the majority of Accountants are not providing specialist financial planning advice, you are still captured by the same legislation and could be subject to the consumer complaints process. If required, our policy can extend to the exposures of your business having a limited AFSL licence.

Information Technology

As business/individuals working in the technology space face differing risk dynamic that a more “traditional” profession, we have a specialty policy combining both the professional services exposure (Professional Indemnity) and the risks associated with selling/providing products (Public Liability) under one product to ensure that there are no “gaps” in cover that may arise if you took separate policies.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice protects health professionals for personal risk and also their businesses for financial loss claims arising from the bodily injury or property damage whilst providing health care or allied health care services. We can provide cover over a wide range of alternative health modalities, but do not provide cover for medical practitioners, Nurses or hospitals.

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